Extracting images from PDF files sounded quite difficult previously as it does not allow other users directly to do that. However, there come several tips to extract images from PDF file when people feel the hype of need to have this option. Let’s discuss a few of them below,

1. Adobe Acrobat

It is the best way to extract multiple images from any PDF file with few clicks and that too within a few minutes. But you need to have a professional version of Adobe Acrobat which is paid so make sure you do have one if you want everything to be done in a legal way. However, there are some dirty tricks to do that too with a free trial of Adobe Acrobat like:

  1. Right-click and choose ‘Select Tool’
  2. Drag the box to select text or image
  3. Right click again and copy
  4. The image is now copied and you can paste it anywhere you want

2. PDF Shaper

It is a software which offers numerous options with your PDF files and it has both paid and unpaid version. Luckily the unpaid version has the option of extracting images which you can easily download and save in your PC.

3. PkPdfConverter

It is another software available online to offer you a bunch of services for PDF documents to ease your life a bit. One of the features it offers is extracting images from any PDF file is also there which is quite easier to get a number of images downloaded on your PC easily. You can simply just open the file, select the number of range for page numbers and a dialogue box will appear with options like PDF to Text, PDF to Image, Extract Images and PDF to HTML. Choose your desired option and get the images on your screen with few clicks.

4. Adobe Photoshop

It is another easy way of extracting images out of any PDF file quite quickly. It is as simple as opening a PDF file same like you open any image and the PDF import dialogue will pop up automatically. You will have the option of pages, images, and 3D while you just need to click on Images to get the desired images on your screen with a single click. Tick mark the images now that you want to extract and click ‘OK’ to get those images appeared on your screen.

5. Take Screenshot

The easiest way and a shortcut when all other methods fail to extract images from PDF, the lifesaving option of screenshot come into action. Or simply you can use a snipping tool to extract any image form the PDF file you want which usually many people just ignore. However, it is only useful if you need one or a small number of images while it is unpractical to use for a large number of images. It is better to use other practical methods then as discussed above.

Hence, it is not difficult to extract images from PDF online file anymore while you can also explore a number of other methods as well once you start searching about it online.


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