Shoes are possibly the most significant piece of apparel in a man’s wardrobe, which is why I’ve put together this list of essential men’s shoes. I’d recommend that most guys start with a couple of high-quality pairs of shoes.

So, before you buy men’s shoes online, let’s get started. Here are my picks for the five most important fashionable shoes for guys.

#1. The Brown Brogue

What’s the first pair of shoes that every guy should own? The brown brogue. It will soon become a wardrobe essential for any guy. It’s as elegant as it is versatile. “Brogue” is derived from the Gaelic word “bro,” which meaning “shoe.” Brogues are characterized by their perforated or embellished leather uppers with decorative holes.

For your first pair, I suggest a dark brown semi or quarter-brogue. If you’re feeling stylish, a full brogue (wingtip) in a tan/cognac hue is a good choice.

#2. Suede Chukka

Are you surprised it’s ranked second on the list? There’s a reason behind this.

The chukka men’s Italian leather boot is the first dress-casual shoe, allowing for a great deal of flexibility. It’s not quite as formal as brogues, but it’s still a step up from a sneaker. Chukkas may be dressed up with a suit or a pair of dark wash jeans and a white t-shirt.

#3. The Brown Loafer

When I think of this attire, the adjectives casual, comfortable, and elegant spring to mind. The summer shoe of choice is loafers. But who says you can’t wear them throughout the year? Loafers, like the brogue and chukka, are appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. The loafer has slipped into my top three due to its flexibility.

Although loafers should not be worn with a complete suit, they look fantastic with a sport coat and jeans or chinos. For optimum flexibility, I recommend a brown pair. It’s entirely up to you whether you like leather or suede.

#4. The Minimalist Sneaker

Even the most elegant of guys enjoy a casual look now and again. And, with the simple style still prevalent, having a go-to everyday footwear choice is essential. The canvas sneaker is ideal for a variety of informal occasions, including ballgames and backyard barbecues.

I recommend a pair in a neutral color like beige, white, or grey. You won’t have to worry about what to pair these with as much. Minimalist sneakers in leather, suede, or canvas will always be in vogue; it goes without saying.

#5. The Monkstrap Shoe

Because the monk strap has no laces and is easily put on, it is classified as a loafer. It comes with a single, double, or triple strap, the latter being the most popular. The monk strap reminds me of a grown man’s Velcro shoes. You either adore them or despise them…

Although they aren’t for everyone, many fashionable guys own at least one pair of double monks. Wear them with trousers that don’t have a break (the cuff of the pants merely skims the shoe), allowing the shoe and buckles to take center stage.


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