If you keep your eyes open when you’re at a campsite, you probably will find a rising trend. But, this is not the fact Crocs will be remaining extremely popular in these sites. We’re discussing nothing but the growing reputation of hammocks.

Yes, this is the new trend of camping with 3 feet off the land surface regardless of camping in Jalama Beach or Santa Barbara. As a camper, you know what a hammock is. This is the latest and wonderful relaxing method that will rock you.

However, the question is whether it’s a good thing to spend nights in the wilds. This is because we’re going to share some points that will make you understand which one is more perfect for going within the wilderness.

Managing the Elements

When it comes to using a hammock, the question involves are including what will happen in the rain. Also, there are issues of mosquitoes, wind, and cold weather. In these issues, you’ll get the best protection just without the mosquitoes. But, you can eliminate it while using some cans of insect spray along with some tiki torches.

Besides, hammocks can manage these issues as well. You can place an order under quilts and over quilts to afford protection and warmth from wind for most items. For the issue of rain, you can purchase tarps and put on the top that will keep the rain away.

Even you have the opportunity to buy a net to prevent mosquitoes. As a result, you can use a hammock without sacrificing a chicken while using these solutions for Santa Barbara camping.

Size & Weight

A lightweight tent weighs less or more than two pounds. While looking for a bit durable one, it may weigh up to eight or more pounds. If you compare it with a hammock, a heavy-duty one is two or a bit more pounds. As a result, the clean winner is a hammock in this type.

But, it assures that you just taking your hammock. Also, you need to carry with some more things like a net to prevent mosquitoes, quilts, and rain tarp. Still, you’re a bit ahead with hammocks as you don’t need to carry out tent poles. So, the reality is that hammock is advantageous while comparing its weight with a tent.


If you like to buy an affordable dry summer tent, you have to pay about $200. The price goes above up to $500 for a good quality all-season tent, but it’ll cost about $900 if you want to shop for a luxury tent.

Besides, hammocks are cheaper and it needs just about $50 to $60 to get a good rig for the summer dry nights. You also can buy hammocks spending $200 to $500 respectively for mildly rainy weather and the best one in the market.

Bottom Line

In all, we have compared some areas of the tent and hammock where we found hammock is the best in more ways. The tent is the best in a single area and some others was a draw. This is why we think hammock is the winner of this debate.


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