While looking for saving money on your trip, go through these cheap fun things to do in San Francisco. The cheap things we’re going to discuss in this content come under 10 dollars for each person. In this list, you’ll get most of the top attractions of the city.

Things you can do at a cheaper rate include the Beat Museum, Botanical Gardens, Camera Obscura, and others. Before we start going through the detail, we should say a bit about the city of San Francisco. This is one of the most amazing and diverse cities across the world.

Likewise, many beautiful things are out there in the city around that you can enjoy free and the lower cost. It widely depends on you to design your itinerary whether it’s full of excellent stuff to do.

But, if you’re the first time and know very little about the city, you can get troubled to decide what to do or where to go within a low cost or what are the best cheap things to do in SF. No worries, we’ll help you through the below cheap doings that you can enjoy happily.

Beat Museum (Cost: $8)

If you’re a Kerouac fan, then be prepared to get the amaze in this museum of the city locating in North Beach. This is a wonderful museum that’s worth visit. Many things are out there that you can discover in it.

Also, the Beat Museum could be a heaven for the fans of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac. That means if you love these things, no better places are out there to visit their work rather than this museum.

They’re the hippies’ predecessors who were 1950s artists and writers settled here. Then they have created a famous counterculture movement. This is how this museum pays tribute at the present.

Botanical Gardens (Cost: $8)

This garden is one of the most peaceful and cheaper places to visit in the city that locates in Golden Gate Park. The gardens are not just well-groomed; they also have managed beautifully on a land area of 55 acres.

It has featured with beautiful and colorful flowers and plants that have been gathered from all parts of the world. You’ll also find a lot of natural attractions to admire and they’re available at any time of the year.

Among the large collection of different stuff, the main attractions are such as Redwood Gardens and Magnolia Collection. These things are always great to see whenever you visit the garden.

Camera Obscura (Cost: $3)

The city is famous for the oldest and prehistoric camera obscura. This is just one of them that is existing in a building as free-standing. Leonardo da Vinci conceived the idea of this massive optical tool that creates 360-degree images in life.

However, it dates flip to the SF’s heyday that’s an ex-amusement park, which is locating the Beach’s Playland. As it situates near the cliff house, the fun historical object is a grand stop for you if you’re a photography and history enthusiast.


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