As a beautiful place for camping in Santa Barbara, you’ll really not find another better way to get the charm of its beaches, islands, mountains and many more things. So, you’ll get these all from this place if you’re hungry of a distant landscape camping near the crashing sounds of waves. When you’ll be camping here, you’ll get the chances to go for surfing and hiking. Also, watching wildlife and fishing are some other things to do in this area. As a result, the beaches are one of the busiest parks in the California state without any surprise. Apart from a great camping place, it’s a wonderful coast that’s amazing for recreation in its coastal meadows and rocky coves. Also, you’ll find the highway is near to some campgrounds, but it’s not a point to be irritated.

So, let’s know about some of the amazingly great places for camping in this countryside.

El Capitán State Beach

You’ll find this beach just 17 miles west of Santa Barbara that’s well known for its rocky tidepools, sandy shoreline as well as oaks and sycamore and it is one of the most popular places to camp in Santa Barbara. These all come with a nice change for peace of mind with the palm trees of Southern California. When you’ll be taking the staircase down from the bluffs to the beach, you’ll get the great experience of fishing, surfing, and swimming. It’s one of the very accessible spots in the area that offers free of cost wheelchairs and you can get one as borrow from the lifeguard station here. In addition, you’ll find a car and RV camping in this place, but you’ll not find a dump station if you need it for your rig.

The Santa Cruz Trail

If you’re craved to go for the trailing, this is one of the best trails of this area that’s about 23 miles away from Santa Barbara. Also, you’ll get the chance for some climbing as it’s getting elevated more than 3000 feels and runs 22 miles through the Los Padres National Forest. If you like to do it in two days, it’ll be much strenuous trip for you, so you should make your budget three. Don’t forget to get registered with the backcountry that’s located almost 7 miles away from the trailhead. Before you start, you need campfire permits, but it’s not necessary to get a permit for hiking and camping. If you go there in the spring that’s the best time to go there and you’ll find different types of wildflowers, such as lupin, Mariposa, and poppies.


Upper Oso Campground

Instead of hiking on the full 22 miles, you can use this campground as your base camp to do a lot of day hiking in this area.  It’s not only family-friendly but it also a car campsite that has amazing access to hiking trails with the offer of the full equestrian spots. Also, you’ll get some more streams to experience with an off-road vehicle route and fishing plus swimming. In addition, you’ll find the White Rock Day-Use Area that’s just 2 miles away and it’s a tiny-sized campground.


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