If you’re an owner of a mid-sized business, you spend thousands of dollars every year for your printing costs. Some of the companies report they spend up to 3% of their total corporate revenue as printing costs. Also, smaller businesses feel the pinch of the issue.

The costs related to paper, machines, toner & ink, and the maintenance of your printers. These all add your costs up quickly. But, you should count every dollar for your modern business environment. That’s why companies are always in search of digitizing their businesses to reduce costs.

Apart from making a converter rotate PDF online of your files, it’s essential to reduce printing costs as well. As a result, let’s know some tips to reduce your printing cost by using your printer apart from rotate pdf file.

Print Two Pages in One Sheet

There is a simpler way to save the cost of papers by printing two pages in one sheep of paper. It works great especially when it comes to the PowerPoint presentations where it’s easy to read the bullet points. When you find the print dialog box, just select the “Handouts” from the drop-down menu of “Print what.” And then select the slide numbers per page that you want.

Besides, you can go through “Grayscale” that allows you saving some extra bucks. Also, you’ll find the same dialog for MS Word file printing. You just need to select the pages’ number that you want to print in each sheep of paper. We recommend printing two pages into one sheet that will keep it fairly readable.

Shrink to Fit Using Print Preview

Some people blindly use their printer without seeing the preview of the pages. This is not good for your business because it’ll waste a lot of paper and ink. The reason is that the document finishes up being unreadable or finishes on one line.

But, if you use the Print Preview feature, you can avoid the issue. It also allows you to print exactly the page or pages that you need. It requires the expense of a few seconds. You’ll find an option in Firefox as well as Internet Explorer named “Shrink to Fit” in the dialogs of Print Preview.

Just Print Your Required Selection

There is the option to print a selected part of text instead of printing the whole document or page. You’ll find the feature in most of the applications to save you paper and ink. It’s very handy when you need to print a paragraph from a large page of a website. Also, it allows you to print a small section of a spreadsheet or document by throwing away your unnecessary pages.

You can apply this technique in the most renowned applications like Firefox, MS Word, and MS Excel. You just need to select the essential part of the page that you need to print. And then simply select the option of “Selection” from the “Print” dialog. Thus, other than any other way, it’s a great way to save your money and time to print your desired page or part of a page.


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