You always need to prevent issues before they occur. This is a great way to keep the entire conveying system running smoothly regardless of conveyor belt drive rollers. As a result, you have to keep watching continuously and ensuring on the belts.

It’s because while your conveyor belt stops working, it may get many possible issues. This includes it might stop working due to lots of problems in the system. When the complete operating system has thrown the schedule off, it can fail both productivity and money.

This is why it’s vital to keep a deep observation of the exact workings of the conveying belt to keep away from these issues. Thus, it’s easy to identify any issues before they get bigger into the biggest issues like uneven material flow.

When they’ll be very big issues, you need more time and money to fix them. So, below we’re going to share some solutions to the possible common issues.

Make Sure for Buildups

It should be your regular checkups for the conveyor’s belt. So, you have to do it as a routine checking for the buildups. While doing it, look over the whole system carefully from sides to top and bottom.

Also, you need to do it in every way as it may get every part of the belt. The buildups may include debris, dirt, and some other type of residue. No matter where they are remaining, take them out and keep the belt clean thoroughly.

Debris and dirt are the main reason of mistracking of the belt. It does not just make the belt wrong aligning, it’s also responsible for your system blockage.

Clean The System Frequently

The method goes turn in hand with buildups checking up. But, you trim down the risk of letting buildups to occur in the initial stage if you make the belt spotless regularly. However, the best thing is you need to make a frequent habit that will help you to keep the conveyor system clean enough.

If you can catch problems in the early hours and avoid any issue, it’ll help you to keep the whole system free of unwanted stuff and dirt. This is why it’s better to build up a habit of cleaning it regularly.

Ensure the Frame is Square & Level

The conveyor finds it hard to run smoothly if it has titled thrown out or unusual angle beyond the alignment. It may happen because of the machine’s regular motion along with some other factors.

The conveyor may face the issue while readjusting for hauling a different material or product. So, you have to keep checking up the machine regular basis. It’ll help you to find out whether there is any issue with the frame to upkeep it.

Also, you can ensure everything in line this way. Besides, while using a good standard level to checkup that both of its sides are even, you can do it easily.

Apart from these issues, there are some more. These include the uneven pulleys, mistracking, material spillage, and many more.


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