Yes, it’s available at only $698 and on contract-basis as well if you’re looking for Oppo R9s plus price Australia. This was one of the things that you’re seeking and the other things are still remaining like its brief review. You know about the time when phablets were simply bigger in size than other regular phones. The things were at that time like this “take the phone and make it bigger, and sell”. Now, today you’ll find small sized phones and large-sized too like a screen more than 5.9”. When you get the extra room in the phone you have a chance to get boost the screen resolution with long battery life and improved cameras. In this case, R9s stands truly here with a lot of features that we’re talking about.

What Comes with This Handset?

You’ll find Oppo gets improved upon a few ways for a brilliant performance to prove the motto of the company “Bigger Equals Better”. As you’re assuming about its size it’s really a bigger one with a 6-in screen than its previous one R9s. Also, you’ll get some more changes with this one than you’d expect while you’re not habituated to seeing the larger mobile devices. Apart from the bigger screen, it comes with a bigger sized battery and a little much faster processor. Moreover, you’ll get whopping 6GB RAM that’s 2GB more than R9s. it means that you’ll get better and faster performances while using this handset.

What’s Good in This Phone?


As it little of looks like an iPhone, you can mistake thinking it’s a really bigger iPhone. You’ll find its derivative design, but it comes with a great design. Also, you can look at its home button that’s pill-shaped that’s bordered by two more buttons on both sides of the phone. Moreover, you can notice its six smaller bands rather than two plastic strips that you’ll find in the most phones. In addition to these, you’ll get a headphone jack that might be very useful for your music flavor. The phone has got the pair of the finest artistic design with a premium feel. It’s true that aluminum bodies are getting somehow tired in recent times, but this mobile phone is an unquestionably pleasant piece.

What about the Screen & Others?


If we speak about its screen it’s not only bright it also vibrant and rich. You may find its 1080p resolution little but lower for its display, but you’ll get a lot in quality if you compare to Quad HD. Also, this one grips it’s outdoors better than its tiny sibling that you can use easily in the sun when it’s almost brightest. You may be surprised that it comes with a midrange processor, but it works like a high range processor in real. Besides, you’ll get a long battery phone if you shop R9s Plus and it depends on how you use.

Bottom Line

So, we can say for sure that the R9s Plus is definitely the best product of Oppo’s production line with the best prepaid mobile plans. You may find some bugbears, but it goes toe-to-toe with in terms of price. And it’s for you if you’re a big fan of the bigger screened phone.


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