If you’re thinking that you’re paying much more for your mobile phone, then this post is for you. It’s because you’ll find your desired information regarding cheap mobile phone plans Australia. It means that if you’re in Australia these plans for you that will provide some cheap plans for your prepaid mobile phone. Besides, you simply can to be confused with a lot of plans from many carriers and providers. As there are so many mobile providers in Australia including the main three carriers, such as Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. The reason is that you have so many options to choose from a wider range of deals from these providers. So, if you read the entire content you’ll learn how to choose the best mobile plans Australia for you with an easy effort. Well, let’s continue reading to get more about them along with some other related information.

Cheap Plans of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 may not be your right choice if you like to save money to get a handset. But, you can save a few hundreds of dollars annually while taking the right plan if you like to shop for a new flagship phone from Samsung. You’ll find some of the selected deals that are available for the new flagship handset of Galaxy in the following database. So, you should go through the below list of different prices and choose your preferred one. Also, you have options to find more if you use our comparison tool.

Note 9 Plans of Telstra

You have to spend only $114 per month if you like to buy the Galaxy Note 9 from Telstra on a 24-month plan. With this small plan, you’ll get 3 GB mobile data where $59 is your plan price and other $45 your monthly phone installment. But, if you have a plan to upgrade your phone after a specific year, you can prefer to rent your Note 9. It’ll save you another $10 every month, but you have to return your handset after the period you get it for the contract.

Note 9 plans of Vodafone

You need to spend only $76.83 every month as Vodafone still is offering the most reasonable plan of Note 9. In this amount, you’ll pay #35 for the Red plan and $41.63 for your phone installment for 36-month basis. Also, you can get a $126 loyalty discount at this time on some selected Red plans. And you can claim a $200 trade-in-credit if you like to replace your old handset by trading it in any Vodafone store.

Note 9 plans of Optus

Optus comes with a wide range of standard 24-month plans like Telstra for the Galaxy Note 9. Also, it has the same renting options like Telstra with the smallest plan of $45 for 4GB data. But, you’ll get now a special deal for a limited time if you like to get Note 9 that’s only $85 every month for two years. It’ll save you some cash every month, but you have to return your handset after the period you get it for the contract.


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