At this point of the game, it is potentially the best camera for your drone. It’s impossible you have an aerial inspection drone or other drone without a microphone. It’s unlikely. A GoPro, then, is a good option. Naturally, you can have a GoPro camera and want to position it in the sky.

A simple activity before GoPro Karma has performed in the scene. Nowadays, this is a deadly sport. In this list of the best GoPro drones is the action camera with a reputation to do anything.

It’s too bad that Karma has been stopped fast. But the drones are out there that we instead suggest. So, before you look for an aerial drone inspection, let’s continue reading on.

Hubsan H109S Pro (Discontinued)

For their smaller drones, Hubsan may be famous. However, they are also building some serious gear. The Hubsan H109S Pro is a bigger and large drone in its line-up. The H109S Pro has mounted outside the box with a GoPro-sized camera.

It has an excellent 1080p shooter in the past. However, it’s much lower than a modern GoPro. It’s a small machine that doesn’t steady the knife. However, if you’re looking for a drone made to transport a GoPro camera, this is one of the best toy manufacturers.

The Standard delivers the sturdy gimmick, advanced bumps up to a 3 axis gimbal. It’s available in three versions. So, the Professional has a three-axis control system and a bigger integrated display. And the controller has updated.

AirDog ADII (Discontinued)

In the AirDog Action Drone lineup, the newest iteration, the ADII, takes on flight cameras differently. You get the AirLeash instead of packing a standard remote. It also has a water-resistant tool for device control with integrated monitoring features.

The AirDog ADII has built to hold you tight with the AirLeash. This is since the video recording focal point. Connect to and go for your GoPro camera; AirDog ADII will continue to work.

With the AirDog ADII, we went hands-on. Check it out. Now check out the Kickstarter AirDog ADII initiative. So, early supporters will get up to $999, and maximum retail will be priced at $1500 later in 2017.

DJI Phantom 2 (Discontinued)

Say now what? Say what? Listen to me and accept this drone has supposed to sit at the bottom of this list. It is Phantom’s goal for GoPro’s best Gimbal DJI. DJI now competes completely with DJI for drones and cameras, without any doubt.

Yet Phantom 2 was essentially a sky king for GoPro cameras back in the day. In reality, the hero here is the DJI Zenmuse H4-3D Gimbal. The H4-3D can be mounted on a variety of DJI drones to accommodate the Hero4 Black camera.

We really went beyond that, though. Installing a GoPro camera is not the solution if you want the latest DJI offers. The Phantom 2 is not an appealing choice. So, it was around $400 that was worth it, for $594, including the gimbal on Amazon.


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