More than 50% of people in the entire world use an iPhone because let’s be honest, it is the best cell phone in the market and has outstanding features. Since we all love to keep our most favorite things always close to us, it is important to learn some hacks other than looking for iPhone 5S cheapest price Australia that can help you do this conveniently.

  1. Don’t Use iTunes While Backup and Installation of iPhone Apps

iTunes can restrict a person to some length and without it, you can be free of all hassle. Use other apps like iMazing to backup and install apps on your iPhone or iPad expeditiously. You will not face any trouble as it will allow you to perform other operations like exporting iMessages etc which you couldn’t have done otherwise.

  1. Shake and Undo

If you haven’t heard of this brilliant hack then do now and just shake your mini device to erase whatever has been bothering you right away.

  1. Get Perfect Pictures

Many people are still unaware of the grid feature an iPhone has. This feature makes the picture dimensionally perfect. Just go to the settings, click on the camera and allow Grid feature. There will be a crosshair in the middle of the screen when you’ll start capturing in the downward direction, make sure the crosshairs are perfectly beneath one another to get an excellent leveled picture.

  1. Reach the Unreachable

The new models often give you a hard time to access the top of the screen. Well, dear followers, worry no more! Just double tap the center button and the top screen will be brought to your service.

  1. Speech Hack

Too tired to read out your own article? No worry, iPhone is here again to save the day. Just Turn on the Accessibility feature in the speech from settings and you will be good to go. Whenever you find an article just use two fingers and swipe down, iOS will read out loud every single text on the screen.

  1. Text Speech

Just like you converted speech into text, you can do the exact same thing to turn speech into text. Just tap on the small mic icon on the screen and record your voice, the element of dictation will help you to switch it into a text.

  1. Let Siri Do Your Work

Since Siri is not much of a user when it comes to exploring or finding relevant answers, there are actually better things you can let her do. For example, ask her to set your alarms and send messages or dial numbers for you.

  1. Night Screen

If you like to read articles or books on your iPhone late at night, then this feature is a must for you. Go to settings then Display and Brightness and then turn on the Night Shift feature, the color of the screen will turn into a shade of yellow which is extremely beneficial for your eyes as it will not cause you any eye strain later.

  1. Enable Shortcut Method

If you want to access your most used apps or accessibility features right away then turn on the feature of the shortcut. Click the center button thrice and the option will appear before your eyes.

That’s it. There are many more too but these will give the idea of how to unleash the convenience of iOS devices. You can also check out iPhone 5S cheapest price Australia if you want to own one. Besides, you must know how to manage my data usage to enjoy all the data enabled features on it without thinking much about your cost.


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