The introduction of digital cameras has completely changed the perspective of photography. These digital photos don’t need to be printed individually. This is where digital photo frames come into play. They can display images in a frame without actually needing to print the image.

Most digital frames show photos using the camera’s memory card. But some of the newer digital frames have a built-in memory to store photos. This guide will provide you with an insight into the different features to choose the best digital photo framefor you.

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#1. Consider the Display

The central part of the digitaldisplay shows the photo. They come in all shapes and sizes. Larger-sized ones have frame sizes up to 7 inches or 8 inches. Sharpness and resolution also play a vital role. If the screen size is big but the display resolution is low, the photo will be pixelated. 

Because of this, you have to find the perfect middle-ground for you. The average digital photo frame comes in a resolution of 1200×800 pixels which is plenty for petite frames.

#2. Think About Where the Photo Frame Will Be Placed

Not all frames are made the same way. Some are made in the standard size (4:3), while others are widescreen (16:9). Frames with wall mounts can be mounted onto the wall. 

Also, there are digital frames that have an adjustable plastic stand to reposition them. If you are thinking about placing the frame on a high shelf, you might consider a model with an adjustable tilt angle. Some of the frames also come with a cable management feature to hide your cables.

#3. How Do You Want to Use the Media?

From removable memory cards to cloud storage, digital frames can support lots of media to show photos. Some of them even come in built-in storage options. Newer models have USB ports to use flash storage as a source.

If you want, you can get best digital photo frames with social media integration. This will allow you to show your social media photos. It will play nice with established social media platforms.

#4. How Much Control Do You Need?

Digital photo frames are smarter than ever before. But not every frame gives you the same degree of customization. When you pick an ideal frame, you would want to tinker with its settings.

These settings include display colour adjustments, slideshow settings, motion sensitivity, etc. Not all people understand or need all of these features. It is for those people who love customization and wants it in their way.

#5. How Smart Your Digital Frame Needs to Be?

Besides automatic display colour adjustment and ambient sensors, some frames are smarter. These smart digital photo frames have voice assistants, Bluetooth, and smart home compatibility. 

Voice assistants are the most modern way to interact with your smart home. Bluetooth lets control your frame with your smartphone. Smart home compatible frames sync up with your entire smart system and can be controlled from anywhere. These digital frames can also be used like smart digital displays.


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