Portable Document Format, also known as PDF is an easy, commonly used way to hold important documents for a long time. But how long exactly? Let’s find out in this article; along with other interesting facts you never knew!

  1. This should go without saying but PDFs are the most common file types available on the internet for you. The volume at which people deal in PDFs is massive, owing to the smooth experience they provide.
  2. Surprisingly, in this modern era where technology has surrounded us and things are being upgraded at a rapid pace, PDF files are still delivered and exchanged at a high rate—being called as the most used file type today.
  3. Looking at the scale of office work, CVs, documents, assignments, homework, random tasks or maybe just to-do-list PDF files are preferred by all.
  4. But why would people rely solely on one file type? What does PDF offer that others don’t?
  5. They’re simple and easy to use. Unlike other complex file types where you must understand a few concepts to maneuver upon it correctly, PDF offers an easy experience and some people might not know but they’re the easiest file type to interact with. They are also easy to convert. For example, if you want to convert Word to PDF free, you can do it with a free online converter.
  6. However, new versions of it are being made available to cater to the needs of different people.
  7. The notion that PDFs are sophisticated has been dropped but people still largely believe they are difficult to use and do not deal with them. A PDF can be worked around by Word too, making things simpler and easier.
  8. PDFs can work on any computer you have. Do you prefer using Android products? Or possibly a Mac? Or any other computer/pc/gadget? Fear not because all the systems are friends with the most common file type: PDF.
  9. They work smoothly with any type of computer you can find, so rest assured, don’t bother worrying about it not being supported by the system you use.
  10. Editing, designing, and new techniques bloat the file size until it becomes too big to deal with. Even though these files may look harmless when looked singularly but collectively they can hog a lot of your space—even making you consider deleting necessary data from your device!
  11. Converting files into PDF mode will allow the file to be compressed and this saves a lot of space if we see the amount of files people deal in.
  12. Finally, PDF files have been touted to be dominant in the market for more than two decades. Again, with the dynamic technology we possess, with artificial intelligence gaining adaptability as we speak, PDFs holding control over the file type market for more than twenty years speaks for itself.
  13. This file type allows users to design and edit in ways they do not know. PDF files are thought to be restricted; plain and simple as they’re thought to be. But with recent introductions of new tools such as Expert PDF 8, PDF files can be “worded” into documents and quick changes can be made unlike before where you had to copy the old one and make a new file to edit and make changes.

PDFs will continue to hold the top spot for being the most common among people and it seems like their use will only increase with time. If you want to convert PDF to Word free or vice versa, you can use an online converter. With it, you can convert from Word to PDF free, PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, and many more.


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