Well, you may select the right formula by searching. But, do you know the worming formula properly. If you are applying a powdered or liquid-concentrate formula, you need to mix water for that. Though, you may have questions that cold or hot water you should mix.

Even you may think that warming up formula will be fine. You can check the below information if you want to know more details about it. It will help you to know almost everything about the formula. So, before you look for the best video baby monitor, let’s read on.

Check expiry date

Therefore, if you use formula milk for the baby, make sure you are checking the date. Well, checking the date is important. Suppose the date is already expired, then never use it. Also, do not select the tin that opens after a month.

Therefore, you may write down the date while opening it for the first time. Basically, it will remind you of the date. Moreover, you can check the formula milk has an expired date or not. It will be an easy task to remember.

Read instructions of the formula.

Moreover, you should follow and read the instructions properly. If you do not know about the instructions, it will be difficult for you to prepare the milk. Even it can harm the baby as well.

So, checking instruction is a mandatory process. It will help you to prepare the milk properly if the formula you know. Never forget to check it out.

Wash hands

However, before feeding the baby or preparing milk, you should wash your hands properly. Also, sanitize or clean the workplace as well. Otherwise, the bacteria or germs may affect the baby. As a result, the baby might become sick. So, make sure you keep everything clean.

Prepare baby’s bottle

Additionally, before you prepare the milk, clean the teats and bottle. It would help if you kept it clean every time. But, before preparing milk or feeding the baby, you should clean it again.

It will make sure that there are no bacteria or germs. Even you need to clean up the tap as well. Also, you will need safe water to drink. Then you may use it to prepare milk.

Add formula

Furthermore, you need to measure water, and then you should add liquid or powder concentrate. Measuring is important. If the liquid or powder becomes more or water becomes more, it will ruin the taste. The baby will not like to drink it.

So, you need to ensure the measuring is perfect. After adding all the ingredients, shake the bottle to mix it well. Moreover, you need to check the temperature of the water. It needs to be normal. Otherwise, it might harm the baby. One more thing I would like to join that you can feed your baby by giving some toys and you can play with them. There are many toys like bath toys, blocks, colorful book sets etc. are available now-a-days. You can give such things to your baby.

You should warm up the formula milk or not

If you prepare the fresh formula, you don’t have to warn it. It will be good enough. Also, you can use cold or room temperature water for it. Make sure it is not hot. Lukewarm temperature is the best option. Before feeding the baby, you should check the temperature.


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