How can you show to your clients that you’re offering services or products that are worth buying? These days, clients can get their essential information with simple effort. And it’s being tougher to toughest to convince them.

Almost every client researches thoroughly on their expected things while going to engage with a model or brand. This is why you should stop telling about how amazing your services or products are on the website’s landing page. Instead, it’s appreciated to show them some real proofs.

It doesn’t matter you’re using the services of Magento development Sydney or somewhere else. But, it matters a lot to add some social proof of the excellence of your services. So, let’s know how to add them to your website according to the Magento specialists.


Adding short and the best quotes from your happy clients is a very common use as proof of social media. When they have wondered for the conversion rate, you can include them to your site’s homepages too.

Indeed, more than 78% of buyers like to shop something after reading the positive reviews from the previous clients. You can use these quotes under images or below the form on your landing page.

Thus, you can show them how credible and realistic your services or products are. Also, you can make it better and more acceptable by adding their names, images, company, and other details about the products with the provided quotes.

Social Media Embedding

Posts of social medial are an excellent way of using social proof. So, look around all the channels that will help you to find out FB posts, Instagram photos, Tweets, and more things.

They’ll completely show your brand. Imagine, for example, a hashtag on Instagram where people may use to find featured on your page. Just embed to use them on your landing page when you have collected all the posts of social media you need to include.

The great thing is that shoppers may interact with your posts as well. Also, you can embed all the famous contents of the various social media platforms.

Number of Downloads/Buying

It’s another great way to add social proof by showing the number of people has downloaded or purchased your services or products. So, you can use a ticker to show this number on the landing page.

Or, it may be a number that helps you and your visitor to know its growths. But, don’t forget if the number is zero or very low, it can make more confusion to the buyers.

This is why you have to wait until the number reaches a decent amount to show as your social proof. Thus, when you have a good quantity and you think it better to show off on the landing page, you’re all set to display it.

Moreover, you can show the number of people is adding and buying your stuff to their carts in real-time. It may make great importance for the visitors to your landing page to find out how many orders are on the way of processing.


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