There have been a variety of ready-to-use UI kits available. They are handy for creating mockups. Furthermore, experienced designers may benefit from these kits and inexperienced designers who want to learn the ropes quickly.

Here is a collection of some of the most intriguing UI kits for mobile app designers. They will make app creation a breeze while providing you with a fresh viewpoint and inspiring you to put your best foot forward.

Therefore, before you look for WordPress website specialists, let’s know more about them.

Do UI Kit

This is the same as its short and to-the-point name, clean design is one of Do UI Kit’s stalwarts. Do’s the WordPress website design company says that it is “the most versatile to-do app UI kit you’ve ever seen.” And I won’t argue with that because it does have features that allow you to create a variety of apps.

The kit, which includes up to 130 screens, ten distinct themes, and over 250 UI elements, assists you in organizing UI elements in an organized manner. So, get the UI kit for Photoshop and Sketch for free.

WOHOO: Free UI Kit

Wohoo is the best UI kit for the most recent ions’ — iOS 8. This kit’s PSD files feature 100% vector-b layers and are Retina HD ready. The equipment is beneficial if you have app ideas for three iPhone devices – iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and 6S.

It would be dishonest of me to leave out the mention of completely modifiable components. So, they provide you with plenty of room to experiment with the UI design.

Elven iPhone App UI Kit

When you are primarily seeking an iPhone UI kit, Elven iPhone App UI Kit is one of the most incredible possibilities. The app includes some basic features to construct your app’s user interface.

It features elements based on layer styles and vector forms that have optimized for the smartphone’s Retina Display. So, it’s allowing you to examine them at 2x zoom without impacting their scalability. To use this kit, you must have Photoshop CS4 or above.


This UI kit for iOS 8 appears to be promising with its stylish, flat design. It provides an attractive interface with precise item positioning. Login, Splash, My Profile, Flavors, Flavors Maps, Go, and Side have the PSDs included in the UI kit.

With a limited number of PSDs, it consistently produces excellent results and positively impacts you. Even the color palette is unique, giving your mockup a new appearance and feel. Give CafeGrapp ago, and you will undoubtedly blow away by the results!

Apple Watch GUI Kit

As you may have guessed from the name, the following UI Kit on our list has been designed particularly for the Apple Watch. The kit includes around 270 templates divided into six categories, indicating that it may be used to create various UI mockups.

It also implies that you may utilize this resource to save time while building any program for Apple’s 38 mm and 42 mm wearables. So, the UI kit uses a variant of Apple’s new San Francisco typeface.


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