You possibly already know about some commonly used link building tools if you’re an active link builder. So, you can check out some other SEO tools for link building if you’re financially stable and have enough time to do it. It’s because link building has got a much more challenging job in these days. Also, it relates a lot of things like checking the competition, analyze the market, and know about the high-quality blogs. Even the days are gone when you were writing too many contents and post them into some article directories to get some backlinks using the content marketing strategy. As it’s a great question that what you can do in this situation or, whether link building is dead. This is why; we’ll cover some uncommon tools that will help you to build unique backlinks.

So, let’s know some tips to use some different tools to build links that you may don’t know earlier. Paid Link-Building Tools

It’s one of the new tools that come with the ability to monitor 100 keywords and up to 20 domains at the same time. It lets you monitor your backlinks, track your rankings, and much more. Also, it’s worth a try if you’re looking for something new or on a budget. Besides, it comes with great visuals and you can hook it up to Google’s Search Console and Analytics. When it comes to link building it’s better to know whether you’re moving up, falling in search engine result pages, or moving up or staying the same. It means that you can easily figure out what’s going on the web and with your blog as well.

Features of Nightwatch

Among many more features, it has a section where it lets you see a graph of your average SERP position next to your competitions. As a result, you can run your ranking reports quickly based on your keywords that you’re tracking. Also, you can use the gathered information to attempt and see where you should put your focus if you’re building links to some definite pages by using particular anchors. Moreover, it has another great feature that shows you quickly explain how rankings for your customers evaluate to rankings for their competitors. This information is useful to you when you’re starting a new campaign for link building.


This is the tool is one of your backlink strategists that you can use for main exchanger MX records and redirects by monitoring page title changes. It’s useful to you and you’ll be getting some essential improvement in conversations and rankings when you’ll change your page titles. Also, it monitors the things that may impact negatively on your site’s rankings. Besides, you must not want hard work to attract links for your site to a page that gets unreachable to Google. Here, you’ll get help definitely with its monitoring feature to keep your domain secured. Moreover, when ending dates come near, it keeps an eye on conclusion dates that will send an email as a monthly reminder.


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