It’s somewhat a challenging task to keep your garden organized, clean, and fresh through the year-round. It’s because a garden needs a lot of tasks to do. These include maintaining your plants for every season, adding seasonal plants, and managing space in your garden.

Also, you have to make a plan to keep it clean and fresh and it’s especially great for you if it’s your hobby. But, it’s also okay if you’re new or it’s not your hobby. You have to follow some simple and practical tips to manage your garden in the tiptop condition for all seasons without the help of junk removal Broward services.

Besides, it’s also a great way to save some bucks from hiring a junk removal Broward county company. Let’s know the tips below:

Decide The Plants You’ll Plant

When you’re going to do something with garden, you have to decide first what type of plants you will use. In this case, you can use a seed catalog that will help you to decide the type of plants you can put in your garden. It’s because the catalog has a large list of plants and you’ll find your one easily.

While making your list, you should ensure to write down the time length of the plant to become mature. Do it for every plant that you like to grow in your garden. Another important point is that you have to find out the planting date of the plant in your region. It’s because every plant has its own season to plant that’s the safest and most suitable for it.

Use the Principals of Companion Planting

If you research about the principals of companion planting, you’ll find the best quality and yields from your plants. It means that planting particular plants near one another. So, they can offer benefits to each other from pest, nutrients, and improved growth. For example, tomatoes and carrots grow better in this principle.

When you have finalized what you’ll plant in your garden, keep notes what plants you can grow as a companion plant. Thus, you’ll be able to shop rest of the items of your list for plants and seeds. Also, you should know and note the maturity date of the companion plants.

Stretch a Plan’s Map of Your Garden

So, you have decided what plant and companion plants you’ll plant in your garden. And you also know which plants grow well after planting together.

Now, it’s time to stretch a map of your garden’s plan. Keep this map in some protected place or laminate it to keep for a long time. You have to follow it several times during the growing season.

Buy Plants or Use Order Seeds

If you need to grow plants from seed, you have to make an order before of 6 to 8 weeks prior to plant them. It’s essential to give them enough time to grow their insides. In this time, they’ll be ready to grow plants from their own. As a result, they can be grown easily after planting.


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