Botanical prints have recently become increasingly trendy. It appears on everything from wall coverings to fabrics to dishware. So now we’re going to show you various methods to incorporate the design into your house.

Continue reading to learn about our favorite techniques to transform your home into a botanical haven. Therefore, before looking for decorative ceramic vase, let’s know the tips.

Botanical Wallpaper

Let’s begin with a striking example of the floral print style that has so popular recently. This is a patterned wallpaper covers the walls of a light-filled bathroom. So, it provides a lovely tropical atmosphere that takes you to the islands. Visit Design Love Fest to find out more.

While you’re looking for some new wall art, try displaying a collection of botanical plant prints. Even in the middle of winter, the stunning flowers and foliage will bring some life into your room. So, make your way over to Design Sponge to have a look.

Botanical Textiles

Textiles are an excellent method to add floral designs to your home’s decor. So, this vibrant tablecloth adds floral embellishments to the essential greens and offers a splash of color to the outside patio. Visit Red Online to learn more about adding a tropical atmosphere to your house.

Give your bedroom a botanical atmosphere. Consider adding a couple of throw pillows with a banana leaf theme. And it has shown in the area above. So, add an ottoman in the same design for a little additional pizazz.

Framed Leaves

You could also think about framing genuine leaves to display on the wall or placing them on a shelf. So, this is an excellent method to bring the appearance of plant life to your home without the extra upkeep of houseplants.

Go to Loods 5 to learn more about this amusing concept. This bedroom makes a statement with a vast scale floral design extended across the entire wall behind the bed. So, the rose-colored bedding contrasts with the green on the wall.

Banana Leaf Tablecloth

A lush green tablecloth sets off this new, welcoming setting. The gold-rimmed plates and cutlery offer a touch of sophistication to the fun leaf motif. So, work your way over to Pacific Weddings to see this lovely event with green and gold accents.

These one-of-a-kind trays have formed like sweet long palm leaves and are ideal for presenting small plates of food or gorgeous objects d’art. So, they can utilize both decoratively and functionally. Work your way over to Zilly Monkey to find out more.

Botanical Balloons

As palm fronds down the center of the table and small pineapples at each place setting, this pineapple party offers a tropical feel. So, the most significant part? Botanical-themed balloons! Visit Studio DIY to learn how to duplicate this party theme for yourself.

So, try decorating with carpets in natural leaf forms, such as the ones seen above, for a more modern twist on the botanical theme. They provide a humorous touch to this bright and contemporary house. So, make your way over to Bo Bedre to see more photographs of this lovely location.


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