Did you know that water damage is the number one homeowner insurance claim, even more than theft and fire? Most of these insurance claims are due to storms and floods. It happens because of small things such as a roof leak, washing machine overflow, or any malfunction.

These damages can cause you major water damage, which may cost thousands of dollars to repair. So, consider buying smart leak detectors, which similar to smoke detectors. It will alarm you or trigger when necessary.

Before you look for “best smart locks” go through the article. Here are some of the things to consider while buying smart leak detectors:   

Automatic Shut-Off

Although it is nice to get a warning about a leak in residence, harm can be done from where the leak happens, and the moment the message is received by the homeowner. Automatic cut-off functionality can guarantee the alert is received in the case of a catastrophic malfunction. Still, the device is automatically shut down in the meantime.

Extendibility & Size

Where are you planning on putting your leak sensor? Be sure that the sensor is either compact enough to accommodate or provides a sensor cable to stretch its scope if it is a tight space.

Detects Small Leakage

Small leaks that may create serious problems appear to come from the water closet flappers that should be replaced. When they collect an outrageous water bill, homeowners also just know they have some kind of leak.

Any of these leak detector units often have sensors that could be more sensitive to leaks than others for different areas of a home (such as water heaters and washing machines).

Communication Protocol

Contact protocol is another major concern for leak detection. With the multitude of home automation solutions and AI systems on the market, it is important to ensure that the system interacts with your consumers’ devices.

For certain systems, a generic phone App is available, although you would need proprietary apps in order on others. It is no longer just for wrenches. To ensure the devices operate correctly to prevent harm caused by leakage and pipe collapse, plumbers need tech-savvy.

Built-in Siren

It’s good to have a siren aboard because you intend to position the sensor far from where you usually hear it. That way, even though the internet is down, you can always get informed at home.

Additional Sensors

Some leak sensors can calculate such environmental conditions that can lead to issues at their peaks, such as temperature (a freezing pipe can burst and cause devastating water damage) and humidity (extra moisture will allow mold to grow).

Power Backups

Finally, suppose there is a communication malfunction (for example, power outages that trigger routers to go down). In that case, you’ll want to make sure there is a backup device. For households, the capacity to provide battery backup and WIFI access can contribute to peace of mind.

Final Note

I hope that this buying guide will help you through taking all the aspects for leak detection into consideration can be tough. You can breakdown your options into parts and then choose which one is right for you according to your budget.


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