Carpets are the sanctuary for the dirt and dust in your home. The lavishly looking surface may hide millions of dust and germs. Thus, it is necessary to remove those outdoor remnants and refresh your carpet.

Calling a professional carpet steam cleaning service is the best option to get a clean and comfortable carpet. However, if you can ensure these five things before calling the cleaning service, we can assure the safety of your home and nifty look of the carpet.

Relocate the Light Furniture

Light furniture like indoor plants, coffee tables, and small shelves are difficult to clean around. Additionally, this furniture creates limitation in the cleaning process. As the carpet-cleaning professionals are not licensed to move furniture, it is up to you to do the job.

Move all the light furniture to the center of the room to provide enough cleaning spaces. The more area you can offer the cleaner carpet you will get.

Let Your Home Decluttered

Carpet cleaning requires a clutter-free environment. The cleaning professional put the cord and hoses around your home. Therefore, anything on the floor will cause a severe problem for the cables and hoses. Moreover, they can be a tripping hazard for cleaning professionals.

Thus, it is essential to remove everything from the floor. Toys, rugs, dog bones everything needs to be removed and kept in a safe place. You have to ensure it before the cleaning people ring the doorbell.

Ensure the Safety of Your Walls

Dragging long hoses and cords can seriously damage the baseboards and walls. However, it is not possible to get perfect cleaning without reaching the tightest corners. Thus, what can you do?

Use painters tape to cover the baseboards and walls that can be damaged by the cords and hoses. These tapes will save the baseboards and walls from any scratch without leaving any stain behind. Moreover, they are easy to peel off.

Keep the Valuables Safe

It can confuse you a little bit. Yes, I know that. Although most of the carpet-cleaning people are professional and ethical, however, it is common your stuff can be missing. Most of the times that stuff includes small jewelry, small and wearable electronics.

Right after you have decided about calling a carpet cleaning service or any other move out cleaning service, start collecting all the valuables that stay in the open. All your jewelry, tablets, pods, and activity trackers need to go into a secure place. The cleaning professionals may not get interested; however; those small objects can sometimes clog the hose and interrupt the cleaning.

Put Your Pets in Safety

Carpet cleaning involves noises. Both the indoor and outdoor units make a loud noise that can create discomfort to ears. However, you can stand the sound, but your pets may not like it.

A loud noise will scare them, and they may escape, as the front door remains open during the cleaning. It will be a safe option to keep your pets in a non-carpeted room or take them to another house.


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