Printing art has itself an art that never ceases to awe art lovers. Many devour the printing of art alone and devout their career to it. You can find art absolutely anywhere you go; from you clothes to dishes to carpets etc. there is simply no running away from it. And their existence is owed to its printing. Art prints, however are not limited to a single category. There are many types of art prints and we have listed a few that must know.

1. Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most advanced and latest form of printing technique that makes use of ink jet printers on a large scale and print out the art that were designed on the computer using graphic designing software’s. You can buy almost any kind of posters prints and visual artwork, which sounds exciting and fulfilling.

2. Monotype

Monotype printing prints out an isolated, distinctive and unique print on the medium using a clean plate.

3. Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the printing techniques that gave meaning to the birth of print art. Print art has become easier since the screen printing was invented. It makes use of a mesh which is used to transfer the ink or paint onto the medium upon which the print is to be printed. Basically think of a stencil upon which ink is applied except on certain parts where blocking is present, when the print is stamped onto the medium, the print is printed.

4. Engraving

Engraving is definitely the oldest technique of print art and thus one of the most patience demanding and painstaking. Designs are carved on either metal or wood using a burin or knife (other mediums require respective carving material). The material on which designs are engraved are then inked and used to print art up on sheet or whatever medium where the printing is required. A single engraved plate can be used to print many materials.

5. Etching

Etching is a printing technique that replaced engraving. One uses a metal plate for etching and applies wax on top of it in design form. Next, the plate is dipped in the acid and the exposed parts where the wax was not applied is allowed to corrode. The wax is removed once the plate comes out of the acid and ink is applied on the protected area and next printing is done in similar fashion as engraving.

6. Linocut

In this technique artists uses linoleum paper as a printing medium. Artist carves out a painting, inks it and then presses it against linoleum which prints the colors on the art piece.

7. Wood Cut 

Wood cut is too one of the oldest methods or printing art and it is exactly what the name implies. Wood is carved into a design, pattern, or any artistic shape that bulges out of the wood while the rest of the remaining part is carved out. The wood is inked and then stamped on to the material that is required to be printed.

Art prints, whether they are posters prints and visual artwork or another medium, forever been evolving and shall continue to evolve. You just need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends.


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