Those who spent most of the time in the kitchen (shout-out to chefs and cooks) know that a kitchen range hood is a mandatory kitchen device. It helps eliminate the smoke, odors, and hot air from the kitchen to reduce potential health hazards. A range hood or a vent hood comes in various types and forms, for example, under-cabinet hood, wall mounted kitchen exhaust hood, island hood, etc. Every people have different needs when it comes to choosing the types and sizes. To help you choose the best of all the options, we have come forth with some of the contributing factors for range hood selection. Here the list goes:


Not for a range hood only, but you should always keep the cost as the topmost factor when buying anything. With that said, a simple range hood can cost from $100 to $200 to buy. You may have to add more dollars to your budget for purchasing a range hood with the latest design, features, and integration. Wall-mount hood and the best Island mount range hood are the most expensive type, given that they have a wide array of features. A cabinet vent can be an affordable option and is better for a smaller kitchen. Some range hoods have a complicated installation process, and more money needs to be spent during the installation. Hence, it’s best to consider the budget.


Size is the second most crucial factor when buying a range hood. You don’t want to buy the wrong size for the stove and your kitchen. A good rule of thumb for measuring the size is measuring directly to your stove’s surface area. This way, you will know your stove’s size and can find the best hoods on that. In case you want an under cabinet hood, you need to measure the space where you will place the range hood.

Ventilation Type

Hoods can either include a duct for transferring the kitchen’s air outside or don’t have a duct at all. Duct range hoods are more efficient than ductless hoods, but they are more complicated to install as you need to decide the best possible way of attaching the duct with your hood. Also, ducted range hood will cost you more than the ductless ones. Ductless models are also suitable for apartments or buildings where there isn’t much space. So, it’s best to reiterate your options when it comes to going for ducts or not. One hassle about using a ducted hood is that you need to change filters once and keep the hoods clean.


Before you buy a hood, you need to know that most vent hoods can be loud. This can be annoying to most of the people spending time in the kitchen. This is, however, no true for all models. In fact, most models are now made with lesser noises. Choose hoods that are quieter and don’t necessarily make much noise.


These are some factors you need to keep in mind while buying a range hood. It’s better to choose a range hood that doesn’t have an overcomplicated installation process.


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