People usually don’t like carpets as they can over the whole floors and reduce the beauty of any extravagant flooring you have. People want to have some sort of coverage but not wall-to-wall only to a certain place. This is done by area rugs which are small, maneuverable, easy-to-clean and can be switched easily. Here are a few tips according to decor experts and junk removal Montgomery County MD that you can study to make the best use of your area rugs.

1. Be Clever

If you want to have two area rugs in your room, you should make sure that you don’t put the same sized rugs placed in it. Using different sized rugs rather than the same size will create a sense of variety and won’t make your room look like it is small. Note that they may differ in size, but they should have the same pattern.

2. Place It under the Furniture

Another use of area rugs is that they can define rooms according to junk removal service near me. Living rooms and dining areas can have different types of area rugs that match with the aesthetics of it. They are mostly used in large rooms where more space is available to define a room. You can do so by extending the area rugs under the furniture like just under the front feet of a couch in the living room or openly in the center of the room. If you have small pieces of furniture in the room like a coffee table, you can put the whole of it on the rug to create definition.

3. Centering It and Getting the Right Size

When you go to buy an area rug, know that the size definitely matters. A very common mistake made by people is to choose a rug that is actually too small for the room. As said, you should have enough rug to have front two feet of the furniture under the rug but if you get a rug which is small, it will look weird instead of stylish. Getting a bigger one is also a problem as it can mount from wall-to-wall and will work as a room carpet. Make sure you buy a rug that has 24 inches left from every side of a large room, 18 inches left from each side of a normal room and smaller rooms can go as low as 8 inches but not less.

4. Color and Pattern

You can choose the rug according to the aesthetic of the room. You should know the color theme of the room and choose a rug which would look aesthetically pleasing. If you choose a rug with bold patterns, make sure that they are visible in your room and not covered by the furniture too much. The biggest advantage of area rugs is that they are changeable, so if you are bored with the same pattern after some time, you can simply change it and add something more suitable to soothe your mind. If you want it removed, using a junk removal Montgomery County MD service is recommended.

Area rugs are commonly used in studio apartments or rooms that are spacious. Consider these tips to get the best out of your area rugs.


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