The big old television or the Britishers say “Telly”! Remember those days when we used to watch all our favorite cartoons and tv shows and had fun? I don’t know about you, but those were the best days of my life. In recent years a lot of things have been changed. With the growing fondness for Netflix, people are giving up on TV? Why? The commercials play a major in it. People enjoy watching shows on Netflix because there are no commercials, there is absolutely no chance to miss an episode, you can pause a show or a movie whenever you want, and so on. However, that certainly doesn’t mean everyone has ditched the TV and went on a sophisticated path. That’s a plain myth! If this were the case, show and movie production companies would have stopped airing their shows on TV channels by now. This is one common myth, but how about the other ones? Let’s have a chat about the myths regarding our beloved TV.

TV is for older generations

Most people believe that TV nowadays is just a tool for older generations, elderly people, people from 80s and 90s, etc. While this might be true as we have glorified TV usage by watching countless shows more than young people of this generation will ever do, but calling TVs old-fashioned just because of that is baseless. Not throwing shades but do younger people realize that most of them are using a smart TV for watching Netflix? Because let’s face it, no fun in viewing a show on a smaller screen! Also, look at the versatility of a smart TV nowadays; whether you like to watch cable shows or the series on Netflix, your TV lets you view everything. You can also view YouTube! So, yeah, I do perceive TV is old-fashioned a myth.

Netflix is making people bored with TV

Again this! Television isn’t going to get replaced by an online streaming service, no matter how much popularity it gets. While advertising is a crucial marketing factor for cable programs and can disturb the viewing experience with loads of ads, it is still strong. Television was way before Netflix existed; hence, every Netflix fans have watched TV at some point in their lives. Many studies have reported that broadcasters have more advantage over streaming services. In the UK, broadcaster TV has still retained 70-80 % of audiences, where streaming service has only 10% of viewer percentage. That somewhat establishes that a TV is still the prime source for watching shows.

Buying a television can cost a fortune

Absolute rubbish, this one! If that is the case, why everyone has got a TV in their homes? You may argue that older TVs and not smart TVs, but I beg to differ. You don’t need a lot of bucks to buy a smart TV. Okay, so not everyone can or will buy a 292 inch TV because of the hefty price, but surely everyone can afford a 50 inch TV on a decent budget. That’s the beauty of buying a TV; they have different sizes and brands to buy one. This makes it easier for you to buy a TV depending on a preplanned budget. You can even buy TVs online. So, yeah, another baseless myth debunked!


Give the facts about television; it is safe to say that televisions are here to stay. If you are looking to buy a TV, look up some websites for getting deals on the best TV prices online. As like as TV you can also search online to make best buy of vacuum cleaners.


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