Crystals come in various colours (amethyst, rose, aquamarine) and are used for different things (better sleep, increased defence, attracting). However, they also come in a variety of shapes. Crystal forms are just as crucial as crystal colours in conveying distinct meanings. According to experts, the form of a crystal does not alter the kind of energy it produces. Still, it does affect how you absorb that energy.

So, whether you are looking for arrowheads for sale or pyramids, the remainder of the article is a must-read for you! Learn the meanings of seven popular crystal forms, as well as how to utilize them effectively.

#1. Cubes

A cube-shaped crystal may be the ideal gemstone partner for you if you need some grounding vibrations in your life (don’t we all?). Meditation with cubic crystals in your hands may assist you in connecting to the Earth’s energy. You may even use them to defend a room by placing them in each corner.

#2. Pyramids

Crystal pyramids are believed to have the ability to help you materialize your wishes. Their solid foundation serves as an anchor for your purpose. The intention is sent out throughout the cosmos from the top of the pyramid. Pyramid crystals will lead you to the next level, whether you wish to create a self-serving stack of riches or send love to the collective. One more thing, you can buy crystals online easily.

#3. Spheres

The crystal sphere reminds you that you are a part of the larger whole, linked to all the energies in your surroundings. The Zen aura that these impressive crystal balls emit makes them excellent meditation companions. Adding a tiny one to your crystal collection that fits comfortably in your palm as you meditate may also serve as a mini massage ball to soothe any tight muscles.

#4. Tumbled

Tumbled stones may be used as steppingstones into the fascinating realm of crystals. Small, smooth crystals are usually cheap and simple to get online or at a local crystal shop. What’s so appealing about them is their mobility. You may simply tuck them under your bra or carry them in your pocket or purse to help you connect with the energy throughout the day.

#5. Hearts

Heart-shaped crystals aren’t naturally formed; they’re cut and polished into this shape, yet they emit powerful love energy. To stimulate your heart chakra, meditate with a heart-shaped gemstone. Focus and concentrate on your heart and picture pure love light flooding your soul. Imagine a beam of light filling your heart and weaving in and out, removing any old scars or traumas and giving healing and serenity to your heart and body.

#6. Clusters

This is a cluster of crystal points in their natural state (and they’re oh-so-beautiful to look at due to their magical vibes and glitter). A cluster is excellent for adding unity to a room. Place a cluster crystal on your dining room table, living room table, or other common areas in your house. It’s also ideal for use in conference rooms or other areas where people congregate. It contributes to the creation of a place for open discussion and community.


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