In short, the answer is both yes and no. usually, it depends on the infrastructure of your business. When you’re using a local PACS solution to manage your patients’ records and images, you’re likely to unable to use the records remotely using your mobile devices.

But, if you’re using the latest and reliable Cloud-based DICOM viewer pc solution then it’s possible to use your mobile phones or tablets. Also, if you’re going to transiting to one of them then you should consider some points. The points will make you able to use your smart devices like your smartphones, tablets, and some others to access your patients’ images.

Apart from this, you should find out a good mobile DICOM viewer and then you’re all set with your patients’ medical imaging. Now, let’s know how you can access the records most certainly.


Avoid Using On-Site Solution

It’s nothing surprising that you face some restrictions from using on-site solutions. These include how and where you can access the medical images of your patients. For example, it’ll just allow you to view and use images from limited viewings stations locally that might be in your hospital premises if you’re using a solution of Hospital PACS. So, you’re most likely to be searching for a solution.

It means that you should be present and available at the premise to read and diagnose the patients’ documents. Also, this solution comes with some additional risks to your hospital or business. The biggest one is to lose your patients’ data permanently and another one is that it’s not redundant.

Also, you’re not able to make your data queue up at different locations. As a result, you’re at risk of permanent data loss that may lead possible lawsuits forward if you fall to a robbery of your business. Moreover, it might be due to fire and some other ways like natural or man-made disasters.

So, we can say the long story in short that you can’t use your patient’s images remotely from your mobile phones or tablets if you’re using an on-site local solution. As you don’t have a practical backup plan, you most likely get bigger issues than you’re considering.


Implement The Cloud

You’re likely to be using a smartphone. So, you’re using the Cloud service already to store your data, images, and emails. But, you might unknown about it that this is called the Cloud service. So, you trust this service for your data and you can do it for your business records as well.

While using cloud data, you’ll get long term security. Also, you rest assured that the records you keep out there will always be available. That’s why the Cloud service comes at the first place in terms of easy access to your patients’ records.

But, you like to know how and where to use the mobile devices for these records if you’re reading it. Because the Cloud solution can do the job very easily and effectively, you should not be worried about it.


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