1. How to choose a mobile device for PACS?

When it comes to choosing the best mobile device for DICOM PACS server, you should consider few things. The performance, battery, interface, software and the screen size. All these factors are responsible when it comes to making a device good for use. Ignoring these factors means you are paying no need to the performance.

2. Why we should use PACS cloud system?

The PACS cloud system allows doctors and radiologists to store, manage and share medical imaging data. Without this system, previously it was not possible to share medical images. With this cloud system, you can improve your medical services and build a better brand image in the eyes of the patients. The ultimate edge will be for the patients who will get better treatment.

3. Is there any data limit when it comes to PACS storage?

It depends on the choice of the users. The PACS services are offered by many vendors and companies so it also depends on their services and what packages they have. Ideally, there is a limit when it comes to data storage. But the users can be provided with unlimited space in the cloud if they want. However, it will increase the cost to a great extent.

4. Which PACS software is right for me?

There are a number of options when it comes to PACS software. You can choose any software of your likeness. Compare the features, price, plans and other details to find out the best software for your DICOM PACS server.

5. Why is PACS better than other technologies?


In medical imaging, PACS is the latest and the best technology at the moment. The server is shared with all health departments and every file is accessible by all the health professionals and doctors. They can view, edit, check, share and analyze the images and reports. This is a huge improvement that PACS allows sharing medical images in original form with a cloud based server.

6. What is the biggest challenge with PACS?

At the moment, there are no particular challenges with PACS. However, installing hardware and infrastructure can be hard if the users want to keep it in their premises. Choosing right software for your needs can also be a challenge for the people.

7. Should I be worried about hardware and infrastructure?

Usually the vendors are responsible for such things. But if you have huge needs in terms of space and the data is really huge, you can get the onsite system. But it is still optional. However, keeping it on your site reduces the risks of data loss and any disaster.

8. What is the future of PACS?

A few years back, nobody know what is PACS server. Even just two years ago, DICOM PACS server industry was worth $1 billion but now it stands somewhere near $3 billion. The future of medical imaging is with PACS. It will get better over the years and with the passage of time. Medical imaging will become better with time.


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