Following are the best healthcare achievements in the last 10 years including cloud medical imaging.

1. 3D Printed Body Parts

Nowadays, it is possible for the people to get 3D printed artificial body parts that look like original ones. This development has changed many lives, offered confidence to the people who had lost hope and helped them return to normal lives. People are not able to perform jobs and hard tasks with such body parts.

2. Cancer Therapies

In the past few years or the last decade, cancer treatment has experienced some major breakthroughs. Understanding cancer fingerprinting is the latest one. This development helped doctors and surgeons understand how a certain cancer type reacts to treatment being offered.

3. The Bionic Eye

Innovation of bionic eye is truly the finest development in the healthcare sector. We should be thankful to new technologies for all this. A US based firm obtained government permission to market their bionic eye which uses a camera installed in the patient’s glass lens. This has helped thousands of people to return to normal lives.

4. Faecal Transplants

Accidents, acid attacks and such other unfortunate cases leave many people with damaged faces, broken noses. Such people lose all confidence because they become victims of a serious complex. However, faecal transplant has become popular now and many people have been successfully served with the new technology.

5. New Class of Antibiotics

Medical scientists and researchers have been successful in finding new antibiotics that are very useful in treating infections, killing germs without having any side effects or harms for the patients. Even they have now become cheaper and easily accessible.

6. Heart Disease Control

A new study found out that with the help of new technology and research, doctors were able to control heart diseases by 40%. In the early 2000, it was predicted that heart disease will affect millions of people in every country. Considering this, doctors came up with better treatment options and controlling measures.

7. Eradication of Polio

Polio has completely been eradicated from India. Pakistan is the next country that is about to become polio-free. Even in other third-word and develop countries, polio is being handled aggressively. This control has helped a lot in preventing the disease and sparing new babies from getting polio.

8. Public Health Preparedness

Governments are taking serious and more rigorous steps to improve public healthcare. That happened because of cheaper medicines, more affordable treatment options and tools and new technologies.


9. Advancement in Health Technology

Electronic health records, cloud medical imaging, cloud service, data storage and use of big data are what we believe as the outcomes of latest technology. Medical imaging facilities have improved a lot helping patients to a great extent.

10. Telemedicine

Just like how revolutionary cloud medical imaging for medical records storage is, the same is true for telemedicine. People sitting in far off areas are able to meet doctors online, get their check-ups, get medicines recommended and report their issues without going anywhere. The advancement in technology has affected the healthcare in every possible way and more than any other sector.


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