Any major country’s laws do not back Bitcoin. Its value is based on others’ wishes to use it via the trading platforms. While the value of bitcoin is increasing over the years, it can come down pretty quickly. So, only put the money you would not mind losing.

Bitcoin is the flagship cryptocurrency in the top cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, it may not be the most viable one. With more than 2000 cryptocurrencies available on the different trading platforms, it can be hard to decide which ones to put your money on.

Here are six bitcoin alternatives gaining popularity in recent times. So, read the article before you look for “my finance asset management”.


Litecoin was released in 2011 and has also been referred to as “silver to the gold of Bitcoin.” It was founded by Charlie Lee, a graduate of MIT and former Google developer.

Litecoin is based on a worldwide open-source payment network that is not regulated by any central authority. It uses “script” as proof that can be decoded using consumer-grade CPUs. While Litecoin is in many respects like Bitcoin, it has a faster rate of block creation. It provides a quicker confirmation period for transactions.

There is an increasing number of traders who embrace Litecoin, aside from developers. As of January 2021, Litecoin has a market cap of 10.1 billion dollars and a valuation of 153.88 dollars per token, making it the world’s sixth-largest cryptocurrency.


Ethereum has been securely rooted as the No. 2 most valuable cryptocurrency. Due to the usefulness of its underlying blockchain technologies, it might and should be the world’s top virtual coin. Two variables truly allow Ethereum to stand out.

First, its blockchain platform allows for the use of currencies and non-currencies. In contrast, the blockchain and token of bitcoin can only be used as a means of exchange for goods and services. While blockchain would not immediately help all businesses and sectors, the underlying network of Ethereum provides such flexibility that it is turning heads.

Secondly, the integration of smart contracts by Ethereum is vital. Smart contracts are protocols built into a network of blockchains that serve as execution guidance. Smart deals and Ethereum’s blockchain’s value will make a good argument for overtaking bitcoin in the future.

Bitcoin Cash

You might ask what something called Bitcoin Cash is doing on a list of the best Bitcoin alternatives. Don’t worry, you will know. Bitcoin Cash is a forked clone of Bitcoin, meaning it is a different currency when writing with a price of $473 per coin.

Established in 2017, Bitcoin Currency was later divided into Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV in 2018 in reaction to Bitcoin’s lengthy processing times and lack of scalability.

However, the superior protection and market cap of Bitcoin make it impossible for someone else to crack in, even an altcoin. That being said, without losing your shirt in the process, Bitcoin Cash is a fantastic way to dip your toe into cryptocurrencies.

Many investors think that these other currencies will follow suit and deliver huge returns, even though they skipped the Bitcoin bandwagon. They believe it’s possible


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