Growing up with reading fashion magazines and watching movies or TV shows have shaped my taste in fashion greatly, in fact, every girl has that fashion sense in them. We know that a girl’s essential clothing items are an LBD aka the little black dress and a pair of denim. These two clothing items used to be the most essential for a girl but with time the fashion essentials have expanded as well. Owning these pieces can serve multiple purposes and that’s why we buy them. Having an LBD will help you survive a night party if you know how to accessorize them. While jean pants are considered casual wear, you can now wear them at work as well. Let’s take a look at some of the must-have items. By the way, if you are looking for an African printed dress, you can take a look at Crowned Elegance, a best online shops for womens clothing and shop women’s clothing online.

1. Blazer

Owning a blazer gives you a win-win result. You can wear it professionally or can rock it at a party, it depends on how you style and accessorize it. A tailored blazer is considered as classic and chic by many stylists. This piece can be paired with anything, from jeans to trousers, worn over a top or with a skirt. The blazer is a true chameleon of style, pair it with any clothing items and you get a new look.

2. White Tees

A white tee never goes wrong! If you are going for your work, teaming the white t-shirt with pants and a blazer gives that serious yet effortlessly chic look. Going out? Pair the tee with a gorgeous, sequinned skirt. The contrast will make the outfit interesting and mysterious. If everything goes wrong, a white tee with denim pants will always come to the rescue.

3. A floral dress

You can opt for dresses with any tone but a floral dress is a must-have for the spring season. Spring means freshness, spring means flowers and bees. Owning a floral dress will make you look fresh and zesty without being too over the top. Having a garden party and you have no dress for the occasion? The floral dress will be handy in situations like this.

4. A denim jacket

Do you know you can wear a denim jacket over your floral dress? Doing this will amp up your fashion more. Like a blazer, a denim jacket is a versatile clothing piece and fits with any dress or occasion, from business meetings to an ice-cream date.

5. Leggings

Every girl nowadays owns a few leggings whether they are into yoga or not. And no, you don’t need to know yoga to own a legging. If you like to exercise, make leggings your best friend. Also, if you aren’t a workout person, you can dress them up with a longer top. As leggings are naturally body-hugging, they can provide great warmth during colder days as well.


It’s not necessary to own all of them but owning them keeps you updated and ready for any occasion whether it’s professional or personal. If budget is an issue for you, you can buy them cheap on women’s clothes shops online as they are available at a very reasonable price.


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