We ask Google many things such as – Where is the best salon? Which color suits best to my hair? How do I get the hair salon services and perfect haircut? However, there are certain things that even Google cannot answer.

Before you are looking for a hairstylist, know what questions you should be asking your hairstylist.

#1 how is the Overall Health of My Hair?

This offers a convenient way for your stylist to discuss the issue of hair wellness with you, a subject that might not be what you want to know, but more something you need to hear.

To better keep your hair back in place if it’s in bad health, your stylist will even prescribe therapies and products. It will help you get to the root of some concerns too.

#2 What Hairstyle Suits Best to My Face Shape?

A professional stylist will be able to advice on how you can better tailor your perfect hairstyle to fit your features, and listen to their advice if you go to someone you trust. Skip bangs if you have a small forward.

Try facial-framing layers if you have defined cheekbones. Ask for a layer that comes right around it if the lips are juicy. A great stylist will guide you about what suits you best and put your best features to the fore.

#3 What Hair Color Would Be Best to Complement My Skin Tone in This Season?

From season to season, our skin tones change, so be conscious of the approaching season and how the skin is going to warm up. In general, sun-kissed skin can have a richer, darker color than pale skin.

#4 How Often Can I Shampoo?

Most people know that shampooing is not recommended every day by their stylist, but do you know how long you will really go without washing your hair? There might be a few more days for someone with coarse hair versus those with fine hair, so be sure to get a professional referral.

If you have an oily scalp or dried, itchy flakes, it could be caused by over-washing. Get any answers to what fits well for you and whether you need to buy a dry shampoo to help combat oil, your stylist will make a suggestion.

#5 What Conditioners & Shampoos Should I Use?

Most individuals use the wrong shampoo and conditioner, so you’re left asking why your hair never looks the way you like. Your style of hair varies from roots, mid-lengths, and ends, and you may need to change the shampoo and conditioner that you use on various hair areas.

Be mindful of your hair form, and change your shampoo and conditioner according to the recommendations by your hairstylist.

#6 When Should I Schedule My Next Appointment?

It is important to know ahead of time how soon you will need to be back at the salon. Your look should be helpful to your lifestyle, schedule, and budget.

It would encourage your stylist to make changes to your color and haircut to fit within your preferences by opening the conversation on how much you want to come in and the time you have at home to dress.

Communication is important when it comes to hairstyling and questions are a perfect way to fuel your relationship with your stylist.


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