Many countries use turmeric as beauty and medical purposes. Besides, turmeric is an excellent spice for the skin. Though, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, India and many countries use turmeric for curry dishes as a skincare product turmeric is well-know.

Also, turmeric can beautify the skin and remove dark spots. If you want to make the face mask using turmeric, you can do it at home. So, the process for making a face mask is straightforward.

For making the mask just like renowned face mask brands, mix turmeric, olive oil or coconut oil, yoghurt. Plus, it will add an extra glow to your skin. Furthermore, it has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory, which helps to remove wrinkles and acne.

The Benefit of the Turmeric Mask

Moreover, Indian Women uses turmeric for brightening the skin. In the Indian wedding ceremony, brides and grooms apply sunflower and turmeric powder paste on their face.

However, it adds an extra charm to the look. Also, African American Women use turmeric for the skin. Thandie Newton is the dark-skinned actress, and she uses turmeric powder for glowing skin.

But curcumin is the main ingredient for the turmeric face mask for dark spots. It works well and gives protection from sunlight. So, this is the reason why dark-skinned women like this.

Staining Precautions

You need to have some precautions if you use a turmeric face mask. While using a turmeric face mask, use your old stuff like a bowl or towel. The reason is turmeric makes curries yellow as well as your stuff and skin also.

If your skin is fair, the color may remain in the skin. Though, the same ingredients can make dark and yellow skin glow. But pink skin may look sallow.

Even the color will not remain for a long time. If you feel worried, try the mask in the hidden area of the body first. After the result, you can go for it.

Turmeric Mask Recipe

Further, homemade turmeric mask recipe is easy. All the ingredients you have at your home. You need a few ingredients for making the face mask. So you need coconut oil and organic honey.

Therefore, it has anti-fungal, antioxidants, anti-bacterial benefits. By using this mask will help you to get rid of dark spots and gives soft skin. 


  • Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
  • Cornstarch or flour 2tsp (to make the paste thick)
  • Honey 3-4 drops
  • Dry skin requires: olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil 2tsp (use any)
  • Oily skin needs: lemon juice 3-4 drops, plain yoghurt ¼ cups


  • Mix up turmeric and flour for making the paste. After mixing this, add honey and stir it.
  • If your skin is oily: Add yoghurt and lemon juice. Keep mixing this past until it becomes creamy. If needed, you can add less or more yoghurt for the paste.  
  • If your skin is dry: Add oil and stir it. Wait for the paste to become creamy. If you need more oil for the paste, add to it.
  • Now apply the paste on your neck and face.
  • You leave it to dry for 20 min
  • Wash the face using warm water.


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