Skiing is a fun, adventurous experience. But you need to gear up to have that experience and one of the biggest obstacles to skiing is the cost. Ski jackets are expensive and people who have a low or medium budget find it hard to find a good ski jacket. Also, a $700 ski jacket is good to have but if you think about it, you won’t use it regularly so it may not be a good investment. This is why lots of people try to buy discount ski jackets. But finding good discount ski jackets may not be easy. But there are ways that if you know them, you can conveniently buy a good ski jacket in your budget.

The Perfect Shopping Time

First, you need to know what’s the perfect time to buy discount ski jackets like Obermeyer womens ski jacket. Retailers like LL Bean, Eddie Bauer offer discount prices right Christmas, while ski-specific stores offer them at the end of the ski season. These shops offer big discount deals right before they close for “mud season.” Early fall is also a good time to get low budget ski gear.

Online Deals

Just like any other kind of product, you can find huge offers online for ski jackets. Amazon offers sales almost always, look for it and find the best ones. Overstock also offers good discounts on branded ski clothes. While you are at it, give Evo, Peter Glenn’s Sale Rack, and Sierra Trading Post a try as well.

Find Major Sale Event

Ski equipment shops in ski-centric areas offer big sales and that’s where people camp out for. The line is long but the deals are really good. If you want to beat the evening and weekend rush, go early in the morning.

Try Finding Swaps

You can find ski equipment swaps online in ski-related groups. You can also find them near you because ski shops and some retailers, and sometimes even local communities host ski swaps. You will find lots of people who are there for the swap. Try to be early to get the best ones.

Discount Stores

The name says it all. There are discount stores all over the country. Look in them and scour them for the best deal. Even stores like Nordstrom, Ross, TJ Maxx offer brand-name ski jackets at a discounted price. Before Winter starts, look for discounts at your local store.

Rent Ski Jackets

This is your last option. If you are unable to find a good ski jacket for any reason but you have to ski no matter what, you should consider renting one. Some ski resorts and its nearby ski shops have rental ski jackets which you can borrow for a small amount of money.


Skiing is fun and the adventure is memorable. Don’t let a mere ski jacket ruin it. Don’t worry too much about it. It’s better if you plan ahead and find your ideal ski jacket ahead of your trip but if you fail to do so for any reason, you can always just rent one.


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