Whenever you are going to purchase a bike, this is really necessary for you to understand how you can figure out the frame size of the bike. Basically, the matter is pretty short and simple, but most of the people often get confused. However, this article will basically explain how you can figure out the bike’s frame size. You may also take help from other sources if you would really like to if you are not satisfied with this article but I firmly believe that in the end, you will get something valuable. Hope you got my point.

Measuring the frame size of a bike can be confusing if you don’t really know the right way of doing it. If you would really like to know the prime factor in purchasing the appropriate bike, then I must say it’s the frame size. But now the question is, what is the frame of the bike? Well, basically the metal body of your bike is considered as the frame and it is generally measured in 3 different key places. While a number of different bike frames make use of only a single measurement for sizing, having knowledge about the way locating all three is the vital factor when it comes to getting the most appropriate size of the bike. The three key places that you should consider for a bike are:

  • Seat Tube
  • Top Tube
  • Head Tube

And almost all the Specialised mountain bikes Australia contain these three things.

Seat Tube

So the question is what is a seat tube? Have you ever noticed a vertical bar between the pedals and your seat? If you answered yes, then it’s known as the seat tube which most people still don’t know about. A seat tube is generally measured to the center of crankshaft. So this is all about a seat tube that you should know. If you want to know more about it, visit blogs or it would be really great if you watch YouTube video tutorials to know more in details.

Top Tube

So the top tube is considered as one of the three elements and it’s a crucial part when it comes to measuring the size of a bike frame. Well, have you ever noticed between the seat and the handlebars? If you answered yes, then it’s also known as the top tube which is also an essential part. Your “reach” towards the handlebars is affected by the top tube. Hope this is clear. And just like the seat tube, if you still have some confusion about it, watch some tutorials on YouTube and it will surely help you get a good idea because YouTube is a source of information.

Head Tube

The last but not the least thing is the head tube which is equally important like the seat tube and the top tube. And just like the top tube, your “reach” towards the handlebars is affected by it as well. If you notice a vertical area which is small in size on the front of the bike you have, then consider it as the head tube.

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