Helmets are the hottest bike accessories for sale. However, there are a number of types of helmets. Let’s go through them.

1. Road Helmets


This is one of the most and widely used helmets in the world. Millions of people own these helmets because they were designed for riding bicycles and for roads. They have a standard design and contain foam covered with a thin layer of plastic. They look somehow bigger than other helmets. They are really good to prevent head injuries on the road.

2. Commuter Helmet

 Commuter Helmet

Here comes another biking helmet type. These are modern helmets and more available in urban areas or downtowns. But people use them everywhere. Commuter helmets come in different sizes, types and with some technology. Like they sometimes contain Bluetooth features, they are water resistant, stylish and have been designed with light materials to reduce the weight and burden on the user’s head.

3. Trail Helmet



This type of helmets is a bit different than the above-mentioned helmets. They have been designed with an L shape and the rear side is edgier. Even it sets better on the head. Normal helmets don’t have additional head coverage on the back but trail helmets do have. They are good to prevent lower head injuries. Moreover, the front is thinner and makes a shade-like form.

4. Enduro Helmet


Enduro helmets or all-mountain helmets look just like trail helmets. However, they have a better quality, come with an extra layer of protection in the base and make the helmet thicker than trail helmets. They are really good even if you suffer some serious injuries. The extra protection layer is best to keep head safe. They have become popular nowadays because of better protection features.

5. Full-Face Helmet


You may also see some riders with full-face helmets. They are really useful for downhill mountain biking. They cover the whole head and even face. The design is cool. However, they look somehow bigger and heavier than other helmets because they are a full head and contain more material. They are considered really safe for people who are worried about any kind of injuries. Some parts of this helmet can be replaced if they are damaged or broken so you can fix them without buying another one.

6. Kids’ Helmet


For kids, there are different types of helmets. For kids between 5-10 years of age, smaller models are available. And they can also get around toddler like helmets that are more protective. The kids’ helmets are tested and designed considering the standards set for adults. That means the same type of material protection and safety guards are provided in their helmets.

7. Skate Helmet


The skate helmets started back in the 1970s. The skaters have stayed with the same old design and they look round, smooth and rugged. The outer layer of skate helmets is rough and even hard. There are few or no ventilation holes in skate helmets. You can also use this type of helmet as a commuter helmet. They can’t be adjusted, however, like many other helmets.

So, now you are buying cycling products for sale, you know which types of helmets to buy.


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