If you need a rooftop tent, you should purchase one. Before purchase, any, know about it in detail so that you can select the right one for you. Do you agree? Let’s know about it. Why do you want to purchase the rooftop tent? If yes, then find out the better one. You can search “Mercedes Benz accessories” for having any accessory you needed for your car.

Well, the rooftop tent is popular and you can use it whenever you need this. While traveling, it will give you a comfortable place to sleep and stay. Also, this is the most important thing for traveling.

Plus, it will provide you with a comfortable feeling while traveling. So, let’s know about it in detail. Moreover, you need to select the right rooftop tent for you. Now, before you look for custom car floor mats, check this out for more detail.

Different Options for Rooftop Tents

However, you will get many RTT. Generally, you can get 3 types of RTT

Fold the Rooftop Tents

Therefore, it is a very common kind of rooftop. Plus, it will come with a better interior packed size. Well, the tent material is aluminum frames. Even, it has strong structural support. Additionally, it is siding entry or rear.


  • Available rooms for standing
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Integrated ladder
  • Internal packed size is large enough
  • Roomiest
  • Structure support is strong


  • The set-up process is very slow
  • Power penalties
  • Greater mileage
  • Increase the wind resistance
  • Heaver

Popup the Rooftop Tents

Though, it is not a very common kind of tent. Plus, it is a bit older and maximum people do not know about it. Also, it comes with vertical mechanisms lift, pneumatic or either mechanical. However, it has a hard shell structure and fiber or aluminum bases. Even, the side entry is available.


  • The installation is easy and better
  • Better aerodynamics
  • You will get roof storage at the top of a shell
  • Takedown and faster setup
  • Provide extreme protection


  • Surely, living space will be limited
  • Floor space will be the same as well
  • The ladder will be separated
  • It is expensive.  

Clamshell Roof Top or Forward Pivot Tents

Additionally, the installation process is easy and good. Well, it is lightweight and roof storage is available. Though, it has rear entry. Even, you will get roof storage at the top of a shell. Moreover, it is a bit expensive. Well, the ladder is separated as well.


  • Good insulation
  • Aerodynamic
  • Fastest
  • Even, you will get roof storage at the top of a shell
  • Light


  • Of course, the floor space will be limited
  • It is expensive
  • The ladder will be separated

Bed Tents of Truck

Moreover, it is another tent option. Therefore, this is a bed tent of the truck.  Besides, you will get available space in it. Also, it is good enough for a large group. Furthermore, you need to unload your bed for using the vehicle.


  • Dry and stay high
  • Give available space
  • And good enough for a large group


  • It will stay with the car
  • Weather-resistant is not good enough
  • Surely, you need to unload your bed for using the vehicle


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