When you’re just investigating several niches before launching your business, you are doing the correct thing. This is by proactive and analyzing the competition first.

If you’ve already established your business and encountered a few large competitors in your niche, it’s not too late. This is a terrific chance to identify where you can improve.

Therefore, before you look for customer service technical support, let’s know the tips. Are you looking for Shopify stores in your niche? Here are some pointers to consider.

Reviewing the Source Code

One straightforward approach to finding other Shopify businesses in your niche is to Google your product. And see what comes up. This may not bring up all rivals because some may be new and not using Google Ads.

If you are unclear if the results are Shopify stores or not, you may see this source code by clicking right button anywhere on the page and selecting ‘view page source.’ This should result in a slew of code that you may not understand. But don’t worry, we’ll get through it.

Take A Peek At Built with

Built With assembles several tools. They allow you to search up what software uses for website support, its core keywords and the platform it was built on. It’s straightforward to use. Put this URL of the website you wish to study.

As demonstrated above, Built With will then produce a list of all the discovered applications and tools. It will notify you if the store is built on Shopify. And it’s free! This now offers a free Google Chrome browser extension for even more convenience.

Pricing Your Goods

How much your rival is selling the same product will significantly impact how much you can sell yours for. You don’t have to undercut everyone. Perhaps your product is considered superior, or you want to offer it as part of a package. The point is, you can advertise yourself based on this.

Keyword Analysis

We mentioned it briefly before. But the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) will play a big part in whether or not you remain profitable. Whether specialized or non-niche, the CPC will be extremely high in a saturated market. You spend $10 on marketing to create $15 in revenue.

This is unsustainable in the long run. With a bit of study, you’ll also have a better sense of what you should anticipate paying to create a single sale. However, this figure is often more fluid than others.

Use Fiverr or Upwork to Find a Market Researcher

Outsourcing work is the final suggestion for spotting holes in the eCommerce business. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to complete all of your tasks.

In these circumstances, it would be a good idea to pay someone else to handle it for you. This is the manner, you may concentrate on the activities you excel at while delegating the research to someone else.

Fiverr is one site where you may locate individuals to perform work for you. You may identify researchers here who can do a deep-dive examination of your sector or perhaps identify untapped winning items for you!


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