We are all familiar with the ancient Greek aphorism- “Know Thyself”. It means knowing yourself, or find out what you are, what you are good and bad at, find your strengths and weaknesses. Finding out what your strengths are will help you work on those strengths and you can increase your abilities exponentially. Today, we will tell you what is strength based coaching, and how it can help you do better.

What is Strength-Based Coaching?

Strength-based coaching is a coaching approach to find out what your strengths are and train you in a way to utilize those strengths to their best extent. No matter how intelligent a person is, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. And more often than not, we tend to overlook our strengths or we don’t put them to good use.

For example, let’s say you work at a bank where most of your works are just regular paperwork. But your actual strengths are your creativity. But since your work doesn’t require that much creativity, your actual strengths remain dormant. So, instead of working papers, if you had worked for let’s say, a marketing agency, your strengths would increase and so would your potential. Strength-based coaching helps you identify your dormant or underdeveloped strengths and help you use them to their highest level.

What Types of Coaching Are There?

There are lots of types of strength-based coaching, and depending on where you choose to get your coaching, you will have different choices. Executive, Leader Onboarding, Business Development, Professional Transition are some of the many types of coaching that are out there. Depending on your needs, you can choose which type suits you the best.

Why Take a Strength-Based Coaching?

You may think, “I perfectly capable of finding out what my strengths are on my own, so why should I spend money on it?” If this is true, then more power to you! But even so, when you find out what your strengths are what do you do with them? How do you use them to your own advantage? Sometimes you need a little help or a push that you can’t give yourself or don’t know how to. This is what is strength based approach and when strength-based coaching is helpful to you.

At those coaching, the coaches will actually help you maximize your potential. They will handle the problems from a different angle than you. If you think you do need to maximize your strengths, you can now search for a coach to guide you. Patricia Rachel Schwartz is such a coach who worked as a business and a nonprofit leader and then a consultant, and now she coaches people to reach their maximum potential. If you visit her website, you will find all the information there is to find.


Sometimes we don’t even know what we are lacking and run like a headless chicken in no particular direction only to find out we are going nowhere. Professional coaching will take you a long way if you’re committed to it.


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