If you own a rental property, you will know how difficult it is to clean and reshape your property for the next tenant. In fact, it can be quite stressful even if you are renting for years. A clean and top-notch rental property will increase longevity as well as attract higher-paying tenants while a dirty and grimy one would cause the tenants to run away. Here are the top tips for you to keep your rental property in top shape for the next tenant.

1. Make It Clear and Set Standards

You will have to set standards and rules for each and every tenant to follow. The tenant should take care of the property as their own, making sure not to damage anything. Set the cleaning rules which they should do when they are about to leave. This way you will not have to do a lot when the tenants leave.

2. Plumbing Repairs

Leaking taps and showers, broken sinks and leaking pipelines are a major drawback for a tenant. They will need to use the washrooms and the kitchens for washing and cleaning and that should be in proper condition. Make sure there are no plumbing issues and if there are then you should instantly get them repaired and fixed.

3. Cracked Walls

Cracks in walls, peeling paints and holes are unsightly. No one would prefer staying in a shabby place. You can paint yourself or call in a painter to repaint the walls and fix any cracks and holes.

4. Lighting

Lighting is very important which is often overlooked. Repair any broken bulbs or lights and any other fixtures if required. Lighting is the first thing a tenant will notice and broken or fused bulbs are a complete no.

5. Carpets and Sofas

Carpets, rugs, sofas, and curtains are a long term investment and remain in good condition for a long time. However, it is advisable to vacuum and thoroughly scrub with soap water. Scrubbing will bring them back in like-new condition and they will be stain and dirt free.

6. The Aesthetic Appeal

The outside is as important as the inside. Don’t forget to check the exterior for broken porch steps and lights, doors, outside windows, sidewalks, pavements, and yard should also be in perfect condition or they will give a poor insight of the rental property.

7. Appliances

Consider replacing the appliances if they are in very poor condition and very old. They will not work properly and the tenant will face problems. Appliances such as washing machines, fridge, and ovens are a necessity and should be in usable condition.

8. Remove Unnecessary Items

If you have the junk from the previous tenant left, you should hire junk removal west palm beach companies for a proper cleanout. Most of them are affordable and leave your property free of junk.

There are plenty of junk removal companies, so take your time to vet out the best one. After that, discuss the details with them.

9. Get an Inspection Done

It is better to get your rental property inspected by professional people. These people know their job well and will check every nook and corner of the house expertly where you couldn’t even imagine. They will check the forgotten places first such as the grimy switches, doorknobs, broken window locks, cracks, and holes.


Now that your rental property is in top condition, you can show it to the next tenants. This way the tenants will know that you care about your property and maintain it well.


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