A wedding is the most important occasion of our life. But let’s be fair; the most crucial element of a wedding ceremony is the food and dining. No matter how lavish the wedding is, tasteless food can ruin the entire function. The right menu at a wedding makes the occasion more exciting and energetic. Therefore, setting up a great menu should be every host’s paramount duty. If the wedding meal is finger-licking good, then your guests will walk out with a good taste in their mouth and a good mood. Impressing your guests with food is tricky; not everyone shares the same food preference. That’s why finding an ideal wedding catering company is vital. As easy it is to say, searching for food and catering companies is a daunting task to perform.

Now that I have convinced you to hire a catering service, it’s time to talk about the budget. A decent amount of money goes into catering; you need to have a word with your desired catering company about the price value. But, the budget isn’t the only thing you need to discuss with the caterer. To be clear and free of confusion, one has to ask some necessary questions. If you don’t know where to start, get your pen and paper ready. Jot these questions down before you meet your caterer.

1. Ask Them About Their Availability

Things can wait but the wedding date will not! It is smart to ask the caterers whether they are available on the exact date of the event. That way, you will know if a catering service will be available at that time or not. If they refuse, then prepare to meet the next one.

2. Ask The Cost Per Plate

After you have cleared out the availability issue, it’s time for you to talk about the food expense. You cannot just ask how much the catering would cost because there are so many contributing factors to the budget, for instance, grocery bills, food and beverages, decorations, etc. It’s better to break the big issue into smaller parts. One way to do this is to ask how much are they going to charge for each platter. Imagine that you are happy that you have found a suitable catering service only to find out that they charge excessively per platter. That would be a nightmare, isn’t it? Also, ask them what determines the platter price? This will help you choose the expense strategy and calculations.

3. Ask Them How Many Guests Can They Serve

This might sound rudimentary but finding out how many guests they can serve is an excellent way to know whether they can cater to a large event or not. You can ask about their catering experience as well. The more their experience is the better chance of handling a large group.

4. Ask About Their Payment and Refund Policy

You can ask about the ways the payment needs to be done. Do you have to pay in advance or not? Asking for refund policy is equally important because once something goes wrong, there should be a refund policy that can help you recover the expenditure. Ask how the refund policy is calculated. Ask what they include or exclude during the refund calculation.

5. Ask If You Can Customise the Menu Based On Your Budget

Your caterers will always have a budget-friendly menu setting, but not everything on the menu list will appeal you. You might want to tweak a bit and add or subtract a few things here and there. Therefore, asking the caterers if they can provide you access to customise the menu is a smart move to have an excellent menu minus the extra spendings.

6. Ask for Discounts or Offers

Many websites for catering services provide discounts and offers based on their services. Some even put a deal on the catering service apps. Do a little research on these online ordering websites for caterers for discounts and offers. You won’t come across as a cheapskate at all. Smart saving is always the goal.

There you go, some basic questions to ask a wedding catering company before you decide to hire them. The questions seem very basic, and hence people tend to forget asking them to the caterers because they are more invested in other more significant problems. It’s always better to keep things simple than doing something you would regret later.


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